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Heart and blood vessels: Natural plant antioxidants AquaOx (Coral Club)

AquaOx (60 capsules)

Stimulates brain activity, improves blood circulation, improves mental performance and strengthens the cardiovascular system. Read more...
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AquaOx (60 capsules)
"AquaOx" is a complex of the most powerful plant antioxidants that help the central nervous and cardiovascular systems to optimize their performance, improve blood circulation and the permeability of blood vessels and protect the body's cells against the aging process.


Pomegranate extract with its ellagic acid, proanthocyanidins and a complex of other substances is rightly regarded as a powerful antioxidant; it prevents cell damage - which in turn leads to brain-, heart-, liver- and kidney disease. The latest scientific studies have shown that pomegranate extract can slow down the formation of plaque in the blood vessels (atherosclerosis). Daily consumption of a glass of pomegranate eventually prevents atherosclerotic plaque formation in the blood vessels. Pomegranate exhibits even more antioxidant activity than cranberry, blackberry or green tea.

Açai Berry is another leader in antioxidants, omega-3, -6 and -9, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This is a rare example of a large amount of healthy substances in one berry versus any other product. Acai produces an overall toning effect, improves circulation, activates brain function and helps maintain normal cholesterol levels.

Cocoa Bean Extract is a source of polyphenols and flavonoids, which counteract the negative influences of free body cells. It is because of the polyphenols that cocoa beans have their taste, color and a whole host of properties: antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It has been experimentally proven that a polyphenol - epicatechin is quickly and completely absorbed by the body. Cocoa has a beneficial effect on the brain as it stimulates blood flow to the areas for a quick reaction and good memory.

Rosemary extract is also an active antioxidant due to the presence of phenolic acid. Carnosic acid and its properties exhibit strong antioxidant, stabilizing and vitalizing effects of rosemary extract.

Take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the afternoon with a meal.


Pomegranate Fruit Extract - 200 mg.
Acai Fruit Extract - 200mg.
Cocoa Fruit Extract - 40mg.
Rosemary Leaf Extract - 20 mg.
Auxiliary components.


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