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How helminths cause a cough, cleansing the body of parasites, helminths, giardia lamblia, toxocara, roundworm, pulmonary fluk

How helminths cause a cough

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Tortured a cough, and expensive drugs that previously helped, do not save? It arises suddenly and suddenly, brings to a very unpleasant sensations. The man is scared, and the doctor, as if mocking, sends a worm to test for eggs!

Can it really be - cough due to parasites?

How to distinguish a cough due to helminths, and is it possible to take this seriously? There are many questions, let's deal with everything in order.

I want to upset you - helminths penetrate even the brain, so treat the treatment you need responsibly, with great patience!

Worms located in the gastrointestinal tract, simply speaking, rise into the lungs for oxygen, and take root well in the bronchi, damaging the structure of organs and blood vessels.

In the initial stage, children and adults develop shortness of breath, a pale face, circles under the eyes, nausea and vomiting, dry cough, abdominal and chest pains, headaches. After some time, sputum with blood may appear. All symptoms are similar to bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy, and even tuberculosis.

Adults can tolerate the disease much harder!

There are 4 known types of helminths that cause cough: giardia, roundworm, toxocara and pulmonary fluke. Intoxication and weakening of the body are ensured in such a neighborhood. But what to do? The question has only one answer - cleansing!

First of all, it is necessary to find out and identify the one who causes the trouble. Having learned the type of helminth, we begin to comprehensively cleanse, helping the body get rid of the toxins and poisons that worms so generously endow.

An important point in prevention is a correct and strict diet. From the diet should be excluded sweet, carbonated drinks, products from premium flour, products containing yeast, fried meat products, milk, processed foods and river fish.

The first 3 weeks it is necessary to cleanse the body of toxins and poisons using the Coral Detox complex, which includes: Assimilator, H-500, Coral Lecithin and Coral-Mine. For disinfection of the upper respiratory tract, it is recommended to use Silver-Max in the form of a spray.

For the next 3 weeks, take fiber-containing foods. Depending on the type of worms, drink Parafight, Coral Black Walnut, Garlic Extract, Coral-Mine, Silver-Max.

The final stage involves the improvement of intestinal microflora - colonization of beneficial bacteria.

Intestine - the main place of accumulation of helminths. For colon cleansing in 14 days, we offer the Colo-Vada 2 Plus program with conditional fasting.

Your health depends on the cleanliness of the body and the proper functioning of the immune system.

I wish you good health and clean intestines!

Valentyna Poniatovska


Valentyna Poniatovska
Independent consultant IN AUSTRALIA

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