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Joints and Bones: Hyaluronic acid -chondroitin complex B-Luron (Coral Club)

B-Luron (2 x 500 ml)

Biologically active food additive with hyaluron-chondroitin complex is designed to provide nutrition and restore cartilage tissue. Read more...
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B-Luron (2 x 500 ml)
B-Luron is a biologically active food supplement with hyaluron-chondroitin complex, which is an innovative technological development and is designed to activate the production of its own synovial fluid, provide nutrition and restore cartilage tissue of the joint. B-Luron is not inferior in effectiveness to intra-articular injections of hyaluronic acid, and in addition it acts on all joints simultaneously.

Hyaluron-chondroitin complex

Is an effective combination of the basic building materials of cartilage - chondroitin and hyaluronic acid. It is their proven long-term studies, well-coordinated synergistic effect affects the activation of cells of damaged cartilage tissue. And thanks to the active liquid form, these substances easily penetrate into the cells of the musculoskeletal system, exerting its healing effect.

Hyaluronic acid

Is found in many tissues of the body: cartilage, bone, vitreous body, heart valves, skin, synovial fluid. This is the main component of synovial or articular fluid. Without this fluid, our joints cannot work. A healthy young body produces hyaluronic acid in the required amount by itself. With age or for other reasons, its synthesis in the body slows down, and that's when the problems with the joints begin. After all, the synovial fluid provides nutrition for the articular cartilage and is for it the main lubricant, ensuring the movement and mobility of the joints. And hyaluronic acid provides the synthesis of synovial fluid and its preservation in the right quantity: this is one of its main biological “duties”.


This is one of the components of collagen, which is the connective tissue of the joints, and therefore contributes to their normal functioning and preservation of elastic properties. In addition, it enters the structure of the articular cartilage, reduces pain in the joint, preventing its destruction, suppresses the activity of enzymes that provoke inflammation in the cartilage tissue, and increases production within the articular fluid. It plays a primary role in the synthesis of hyaluronic acid itself, and also affects the phosphorus-calcium metabolism in cartilage.

Vitamin E

Is a powerful antioxidant that slows down oxidation processes and protects other fat-soluble vitamins from damage caused by oxygen. It also contributes to better absorption of such vitamins. It improves the process of cellular respiration and thus increases overall endurance.


stimulates the production of synovial fluid in cartilage;
prevents damage, abrasion and destruction of the joints, cartilage, ligaments;
when used within a month (once a day) it retains its healing effect even after the end of the intake period.


Chondroitin sulfate - 300 mg
Hyaluronic acid - 150 mg
Vitamin E - 15 mg
Auxiliary components


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