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Heart and blood vessels: Natural venotonics CircuPhyt (Coral Club)

CircuPhyt (60 capsules)

Combined herbal product that improves venous, capillary and arterial blood circulation, as well as lymph flow. Read more...
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CircuPhyt (60 capsules)
A complex of plant venotonics to reduce the feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the legs. Helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels, prevent blood stasis and improve lymph flow.

Action of active components

Diosmin is a very useful flavonoid, derived from citrus fruit extract. This substance plays a primary role in increasing vascular tone, normalizes microcirculation and helps prevent varicose veins and venous insufficiency. Diosmin increases the elasticity of the capillary wall, improves venous drainage, protects the walls of blood vessels and capillaries from inflammatory processes.

Gotu Kola is effective in the treatment of varicose veins. The herb contains triterpenic acids, flavonoids rutin, kaempferol, quercetin, which improve cerebral and peripheral circulation. Gotu Kola helps to increase the elasticity of the arterial walls by stimulating collagen production while also accelerating the healing of damaged blood vessels.

Horse chestnut seeds contain up to 60% starch, escin glycoside, protein, fatty oils, catechins, bitter, tannin (8-13%) and proteins (8%) and arginine. Horse chestnut is a known venotonic and anti-inflammatory agent. The complex of its active substances improves microcirculation, reduces capillary permeability and inflammation in large and small vessels and prevents blood stasis.

Hawthorn extract contains organic, phenolic, carboxylic and triterpenic acids, flavonoids, proanthocyanidins, vitamin C. Thanks to this composition, hawthorn prevents the formation of one of the most powerful vasoconstrictor substances - angiotensin II, preventing thrombosis and improving blood fluidity.

Ginkgo biloba is rich in ginkgolides, bilobalides and flavonoids, which increase the elasticity and strength of blood vessel walls, prevent aggregation of erythrocytes and platelets as well as thrombosis, including the blood vessels of the brain and heart. Ginkgo has a vasodilator effect, regulates blood flow to blood vessels, improves capillary circulation and reduces swelling of the upper and lower extremities.

Blueberries have an unusually diverse complex of beneficial compounds, including the antioxidant proanthocyanidins, which provide elasticity and integrity to capillaries and large blood vessels.


improves venous and arterial blood circulation;
normalizes the viscosity of a blood and stimulates a lymph flow;
restores microcirculation;
reduces inflammation in blood vessels;
strengthens immunity and has an antioxidant and tonic effect.


Valentyna Poniatovska
Independent consultant IN AUSTRALIA

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