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Cleansing the body

Cleansing the body

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In the modern world, due to poor ecology, the use of preservatives, dyes, as well as antibiotic treatment, a person is faced with serious diseases associated with slagging of the body.

A small part of the toxins is excreted by the forces of the internal organs, and the rest is deposited in the tissues, lymphatic system and organs. That is why it is important to help the body cleanse in a timely manner.

To obtain the desired result in the extension of youth, beauty and health, the Coral Club company offers a number of comprehensive solutions for cleansing the body.

Signs of slagging

A symptom of chronic fatigue, a person experiences when the lymphatic system is irritated by toxins. To cleanse the body through the liver and kidneys, an enormous amount of energy and effort is spent. Cervical chondrosis indicates the initial stage of slagging of the nerve canals.
Are you still not drinking water or getting cleansed? You have a headache? It was the toxins that began to attack the brain, irritating the nerves and leading to aching and deformities of the joints.
An unbalanced diet, the use of flour, sweet slagging the body. Having started cleansing, it throws out all the dirt through the skin, causing allergies, eczema, itching, psoriasis. When all norms are exceeded, a wet cough begins, with the release of mucus. Children have frequent, uncontrollable urination at night. You have to take your child's food seriously.
papillomas, fibroids
If a person does not understand what is happening to him and that an allergic reaction is an attempt by the body to remove toxins from itself, then the body turns on the waste conservation mechanism. So there are lipomas, fibromyomas, adenomas, stones, cysts, papillomas, polyps, thrombophlebitis, as well as fatty deposits. The appearance of papillomas on the human body signals the appearance of a polyp in one or another part of the intestine.
If the dirt is spread throughout all organs, then due to the indigestibility of the protein and the accumulated uric acid, deformation of the limbs occurs, causing diseases such as rheumatism and polyarthritis.
If toxins penetrate the blood plasma, then nutrition does not reach the cells of the nervous system. Starvation causes strokes. Heart attack, hypertension, paralysis occur due to atherosclerotic plaques in the vessels.
The latest stage of pollution of the body is the growth of pathological cells, reduced immunity and the emergence of a terrible disease called cancer. The work of all organs and systems is disrupted.

How to make the cleansing of the body as effective as possible

Cleansing will be effective if you change your lifestyle and follow these recommendations:

Change your lifestyle.
Sleep at least 8 hours, go to bed at the same time and wake up.
Eat 4 to 6 meals a day, regardless of employment.
Exclude sweets, cake, yeast bread, carbonated drinks, canned and fried foods, etc. from the diet.
Stop smoking and drinking alcohol.
Start exercising. If the state of health does not allow, then every day walk and run at least 5 km.


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