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Heart and blood vessels: Coenzyme Q10 (Coral Club)

Coenzyme Q10 (60 capsules)

Powerful anti-oxidant for the vital activity of all cells of our body. Prevents healthy cells from oxidizing and restores a favorable alkaline environment in the body, helping to improve cell nutrition and metabolism. Read more...
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Coenzyme Q10 (60 capsules)


Coenzyme Q10 -100 mg.
Auxiliary components.

"Coenzyme Q10" ubiquinone - is an energy substrate necessary for the life of all types of cells. With sufficient content in the tissues, the normal course of immunological reactions occurs. In the human body, Coenzyme is synthesized from mevalonic acid, one of the key organic acids of living beings. With age, this process fades away, and then comes to the aid of the dietary supplement "Coenzyme Q10".

"Coenzyme Q10" product based on ubiquinone, increases the body's energy potential, enhances antioxidant protection, preventing premature aging and the development of many ailments.


The greatest need for Coenzyme Q10 is experienced by the organs with the maximum energy expenditures - the heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas. This substance is an integral part of mitochondria, which produce about 95% of all the energy needed by the human body. The use of Coenzyme is provided for by many weight loss programs, since It stimulates the production of energy and normalizes the process of metabolism. In this case, excess body fat is broken down and used by the body as a source of nutrients.

With age, the body loses the ability to assimilate a sufficient amount of Coenzyme Q10, coming from food. In parallel with this, its synthesis in the body also decreases, which is one of the causes of many diseases accompanying old age.

Studies have shown that Coenzyme Q10 is necessary to ensure the immune defense of the body: it enhances the activity of macrophages and increases the amount of immunoglobulins.

This substance also normalizes the work of the cardiovascular system: increases the contractility of the myocardium and improves its blood flow, exhibits anti-sclerotic, antiarrhythmic and hypotensive action, increases physical endurance, slows down the aging process, protects mitochondria from oxidation. Significantly reduces the toxic effect of drugs, supports the function of the thymus gland.

It should be noted that the effect of Coenzyme is not instantaneous. The results of its use begin to appear at 2-4 weeks after the start of reception, when the required level of its concentration in the body is reached.


Asthenia and chronic fatigue syndrome.
The states of emotional-mental or physical exhaustion.
IHD, arrhythmias, hypertension.
Atherosclerosis and metabolic disorders.
Overweight and rehabilitation after various diseases.


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