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Energy and performance: L-Carnitine fatburner / Coral Carnitine (Coral Club)

Coral Carnitine (180 capsules)

Coral Carnitine supplement is recommended to boost one’s energy and to improve immunity. The product enhances mental and physical performance and has a fat burning effect. Read more...
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Coral Carnitine (180 capsules)


Acetyl L-carnitine - 400 mg.
Auxiliary components.

"Coral Carnitine" is an effective energy biostimulator that increases the rate of fat splitting. Along with this, carnitine intake prevents nervous exhaustion, problems with myocardium, improves physical endurance and mental activity.


Translated from the Latin word "carnitine" means meat, probably because this substance was isolated in the beginning of the last century from the meat of domestic animals. Further research revealed that carnitine is very close in structure to B vitamins, although it is not a vitamin. Can be synthesized in the body in the liver and kidneys, found mainly in muscles and the liver.

The action of carnitine is based on the fact that it enhances the breakdown of fats, directing them to the "energy stations" of our cells - the mitochondria. It is in them that fat is oxidized and energy is released. The greater the amount of fatty acids carnitine delivers to the mitochondria for energy, the less fat will remain.
It is also an excellent means of preventing the formation of fatty (atherosclerotic) plaques in blood vessels. Thanks to carnitine, the myocardium is not only relieved of excess fatty deposits, but also receives twice as much energy.

Another very important effect of carnitine is that it is able to reduce the formation of free radicals in the body, the main culprits of early cell aging. And besides this, it activates the activity of the body’s own antioxidant system.

Carnitine also accelerates the breakdown of carbohydrates to lactic acid and promotes the rapid absorption of the last muscle tissue. It provides muscles with energy during hypoxia, increases tissue resistance to the effects of toxic decomposition products. Due to this effect, it quickly recovers performance after prolonged physical exertion.

Due to its multifunctional effect on health, this substance is useful to everyone without exception. Food sources of carnitine are meat, milk, fish. With this in mind, we can say that it is more needed by plant food lovers, but if we consider that during the cooking proces a significant part of carnitine is lost, then vegetarians and meat eaters need additional supplementation with carnitine to fill their daily needs.


Coral Carnitine is a useful product for:
Maintain weight normal.
Improve stamina and performance.
Restoration of the energy potential of the body.
The health of the cardiovascular system.


Valentyna Poniatovska
Independent consultant IN AUSTRALIA

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