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Amino acid with high biological activity Coral Taurine (Coral Club)

Coral Taurine (60 capsules)

The amino acid taurine is important for proper functioning of muscles, nerve tissue, eyes, heart, blood vessels and brain. It also supports the liver in the production of bile, fat metabolism and detoxification, has an anti-inflammatory effect. Read more...
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Coral Taurine (60 capsules)


Taurine - 600 mg.
Auxiliary components.

"Coral Taurine" is the source of the "universal" amino acid taurine, which has a multifaceted healing effect, and therefore is very important for use as a food supplement.


We can say that this amino acid accompanies man throughout his life - from conception to old age. Even during pregnancy, it is extremely important for the normal development and growth of the fetus. Moreover, experts note that in the children's brain contains four times more taurine than in the brain of adults.

If you take food sources of taurine, it is contained in animal products - fish, meat, milk, eggs, and is not found in plant foods. This means that this amino acid is especially important for vegetarians. Although taurine is considered an amino acid, but unlike other amino acids it is not included in the composition of proteins.

The functionality of taurine is impressive. It is present in the brain and retina in very high concentrations. Reduces seizures, inhibits the transmission of nervous excitement in the central nervous system, strengthens memory, increases concentration. This is the main acid of the retina (40-50%), which provides nourishment to its tissues and normal functioning, contributes to the adaptation of the eyes to light. And the most important thing is that taurine is able to restore damaged tissues of the retina or lens and, thus, improves eyesight after various injuries or age problems.

Taurine is equally important for the cardiovascular system. It mainly prevents the removal of potassium from the heart muscle and normalizes the exchange of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium - minerals responsible for a correct and healthy heart rhythm. In addition, taurine promotes dilation of blood vessels.

This amino acid is actively involved in metabolism. Prevents bile stasis in the gallbladder and biliary tract. It lowers the level of low density cholesterol (harmful cholesterol) in the blood and liver and prevents the formation of blood clots. Another purpose of taurine is to increase the activity of insulin in the body, and this hormone directly affects the level of glucose in the blood, the formation of glycogen from glucose in the liver and muscles, increases energy metabolism.

As an antioxidant, taurine binds in the body reactive oxygen species that damage DNA, supports the required amount of vitamins C and E and the antioxidant protein glutathione.


"Coral Taurine" indispensable product for:
cardiovascular and nervous systems;
maintaining the health of the organs of vision;
optimization of metabolism;
antioxidant protection.


Valentyna Poniatovska
Independent consultant IN AUSTRALIA

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