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Intestinal recovery program / Healthy Gut / Onestack HG (Coral Club)

Healthy Gut

Targeted Program: Healthy Gut promotes an all-encompassing step-by-step improvement of the gut and the digestive process in general. Read more...
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A healthy gut is the key to strong immunity, well-coordinated functioning of all body systems, good looks and good health.

The program includes 18 products aimed at cleansing, normalizing and restoring healthy bowel function. The program is developed for 30 days and consists of 3 consecutive phases of 10 days each.


Super-Flora (10 capsules), Coral Black Walnut (20 tablets), Papaya (10 tablets), Coral Alfalfa (10 capsules), Coral Lecithin (10 capsules), Coral Carnitine (10 capsules), Zaferan (10 capsules), Coral Burdock Root (10 capsules), Cascara Sagrada (10 tablets), Coral-Mine (10 sachets).

At the first stage, there is a gentle cleansing of the intestine and normalization of the stool. The body is freed from toxins, parasites (worms) and waste products. The detoxification processes are activated, the functioning of the liver, gallbladder and kidneys is improved.


Super-Flora (10 capsules), Coral Artichoke (10 capsules), Assimilator (10 capsules), Coral Lecithin (10 capsules), AquaOx (10 capsules), Zaferan (10 capsules), Coral Magnesium (10 capsules), Coral-Mine (10 sachets).

The second phase of the program is aimed at the gradual restoration of beneficial intestinal microflora, improving food digestion and absorption of nutrients and activating intestinal secretory function.

To do this, the composition includes products that help increase and restore the number of beneficial bacteria, optimize digestion and regulate the synthesis of enzymes. This is a very important part of the healing process, on which the quality of the absorption of nutrients and energy in the digestive tract ultimately depends.


Super-Flora (10 capsules), Papaya (10 tablets), Coral Taurine (10 capsules), Omega 3/60 (10 capsules), Coral Alfalfa (10 capsules), Zaferan (10 capsules), Coral Magnesium (10 capsules), Spirulina Tablets (10 tablets), Coral Burdock Root (10 capsules), Coral-Mine (10 sachets).

During the third phase of the program, digestive function is normalized. The recovery of the intestinal microflora continues.

To increase the number of beneficial bacteria and give them the nutrition they need, foods high in dietary fiber are included in the program. Enzymes promote proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. The deficiency of vitamins and minerals is corrected. Antioxidants protect the tissues of the digestive system and promote their regeneration.


The program contributes to:
restoration of bowel function;
strengthening the immune system, increasing the body's resistance to infections and viruses;
optimization of metabolism;
improving health and appearance.


Valentyna Poniatovska
Independent consultant IN AUSTRALIA

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