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Energy and performance: Microhydrin (60 capsules)

Microhydrin (60 capsules)

Microhydrin is a powerful product that fights free radicals. Helps athletes conserve energy, lower lactic acid levels. Read more...
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Microhydrin (60 capsules)


Microhydrin (magnesium ascorbate and sulfate, potassium citrate and carbonate, silicon, calcium hydroxide, citric acid, mannitol, sunflower oil, purified ionized water) - 300 mg.
Auxiliary components.

"Microhydrin" is a powerful antioxidant that actively suppresses the action of free radicals and as much as possible protects the body from even the most aggressive ones. The use of the product gives such positive effects as increasing endurance and efficiency, strengthening the immune system, preventing premature aging, charging the body with a powerful flow of energy.

Action of active ingredients

"Microhydrin" increases endurance during exercise, sports or hard work. This unique product after a week of its use contributes to reducing the level of lactic acid to 24% and its rapid utilization from the muscles, accelerating their recovery from stress. Removes pain, improves elasticity and tone of muscle tissue, makes it easy to transfer overload, which makes this product extremely popular among athletes.

Providing the body with the strongest antioxidants, it increases the synthesis of cellular energy, which is produced in mitochondria as a result of the breakdown of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The electrons formed as a result of this process are transferred to all cells and participate in cellular respiration, restoring the active form of ATP - NADP, which increases the energy potential of the organism. This is very important, as an adequate supply of energy provides physical and mental performance, improves the regeneration of damaged organs and tissues, metabolism, and is extremely important for the fight against pathogenic bacteria and diseases.

By actively suppressing the action of free radicals, "Microhydrin" prevents the oxidation of healthy cells and restores the body's favorable alkaline environment, contributing to the intensive saturation of the blood with oxygen. It is in an alkaline environment that oxygen is better and faster absorbed by the cells, which means that the nutrition of the cells and metabolism are improved. Therefore, to strengthen the body is extremely important to increase the level of oxygen in the blood.

The product improves the biological properties and surface tension of a healthy intercellular fluid, which significantly increases cell hydration and their ability to better absorb nutrients.


"Microhydrin" provides targeted energy support for:
The immune system, increasing resistance to viruses and bacteria.
Cardiovascular system, improving cell nutrition and metabolism.
The digestive system, contributing to better absorption of nutrients.
Muscular system, increasing elasticity and muscle tone.


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