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Program for the liver

Program for the liver

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Recovery from a disease is quite a long process, therefore prevention and cleansing of the liver is very useful and a necessary measure to avoid various types of diseases.

The liver can be affected by many conditions. There are more than a hundred known liver diseases that affect people of all ages and can be congenital, hereditary or acquired.

Some liver diseases have a short duration and end with a complete cure, others can disturb a person for years and lead to irreversible processes and complications.

The liver has no nerve endings, so no pain can be felt. Even when tissue destruction begins, a person does not feel it. All ailments, diseases, such as fatigue, depression, nervous breakdowns, arthritis, arthrosis, hypothyroidism, edema, allergies, itching, diabetes, gallstones and much more, occur mainly due to defects of this organ.

To improve the condition of the liver and reduce the risk of various diseases, Coral Club experts have developed a program to cleanse and restore the liver.


The liver program is necessary to maintain the health of the liver and gallbladder and lasts 30 days. The active ingredients of this program support liver function and reduce the risk of liver Cirrhosis and Hepatitis. They improve and facilitate the functioning of the liver in general. The components that make up the program reinforce the effect of each other.
Content of the program:
FanDetox - lowers blood cholesterol, promotes the elimination of toxins, protects the liver, strengthens blood vessels, lowers cholesterol, normalizes fat metabolism and protects the liver from alcohol and other toxic substances, also has a positive effect on carbohydrate and lipid metabolism.
Coral Lecithin - necessary for the structural restoration of damaged cells of the liver, brain, cardiovascular system. Lecithin accelerates the structural restoration of liver tissues under the toxic effects of drugs, viruses, alcohol, nicotine. Its additional introduction into the diet prevents eye fatigue and various visual impairments, improves memory, reduces anxiety, depression, and reduces bad cholesterol. Without it, the process of repairing damaged cells and the birth of new ones is impossible.
Coral Artichoke is a herbal hepatoprotector. Reduces bad cholesterol and urea in the blood, recommended for everyone who smokes and drinks alcohol. Provides the body with proteins, vitamins A, C, group B, minerals. Increases bile secretion, restores metabolism, improves liver and digestive functions, helps to eliminate harmful toxins and excess fluid.
Zaferan is the source of the tropical plant turmeric. Curcumin helps to normalize the functioning of the liver and gallbladder, reduce discomfort in the digestive tract.
Assimilator - a complex of plant enzymes in combination with vitamins A and D promotes better absorption of nutrients, reduces discomfort in the stomach and intestines, improves digestion, helps the pancreas, contains hepatic lipases.
Premium Spirulina - strengthens the immune system, prevents the development of liver diseases, is a source of iron, selenium and vitamins A, B12, E and F, reduces the growth of tumors and counteracts free radicals, promotes the growth of healthy microflora in the intestines.
Griffonia is an antidepressant. It optimizes the work of the central and peripheral nervous system, reduces anxiety, has a positive effect on the functions of the brain, the sleep-wake cycle. It improves mood, it is necessary as a source of vitamins B6 and B12.
Coral-Mine is a mineral composition capable of changing the physical and chemical properties of water, the acid-base balance (pH) towards alkalization. The ionized form of Coral-Mine minerals makes water beneficial and bioavailable to the body.
Coral Lecithin
Coral Artichoke
Premium Spirulina


The main signs and first symptoms of liver problems are acne and skin disorders, lack of or decreased appetite, pain and heaviness in the right hypochondrium (upper abdomen) after eating, hair loss, chronic fatigue, itchy skin, varicose veins on the body, belching and bloating, bitterness in the mouth and rash on the tongue.
Using the above program, you can prevent the development of the following diseases:
Viral hepatitis (including A, B, C). Hepatitis can develop for a variety of reasons, but Viruses are the most common cause. Chronic liver disease is the leading cause of death worldwide.
Autoimmune disease (autoimmune hepatitis, primary biliary cirrhosis, primary sclerosing cholangitis). Natural killer cell aggression against healthy cells damages and destroys normal tissues. This leads to the development of autoimmune Inflammation.
Alcoholic Lesions (Fatty liver, Steatohepatitis, Fibrosis, Cirrhosis).
Iron overload is mainly a hereditary disease. It manifests itself as a disruption of Iron exchange and its accumulation in tissues and organs. Excess iron causes cirrhosis of the liver, heart failure, diabetes and arthritis.
Wilson's disease is an inborn error of metabolism. Causes severe damage to the central nervous system, including the liver.
Liver tumor. Distinguish between benign and malignant.


If you have never been cleansed of toxins, toxins and parasites, then any program you choose or a single product will be ineffective. In addition, instead of getting a health result, you can only provoke an exacerbation of your disease.

Therefore, before starting to undergo recovery, we recommend starting with a step-by-step Health Concept. A well-thought-out combination of active components of the concept will allow you to quickly achieve health promotion results.

For more information, taking into account all the characteristics of your body, you can contact a consultant.


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