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Immune support: Selenium (Coral Club)

Selenium (100 capsules)

Selenium is the secret to your health, longevity and beauty. An essential trace element that is vital for the body. Read more...
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Selenium (100 capsules)
The product contains a synergistic complex of the best antioxidants: the mineral selenium and vitamin C, which protect against premature aging, support the functioning of vital systems, including the immune and cardiovascular systems, participate in the body's detoxification process and improve skin condition.


Selenium is one of the most important trace elements for health. Of the food sources, liver, meat, poultry, salmon, hazelnuts, garlic and grains are the richest in selenium.

In the human body , selenium is part of the antioxidant enzyme glutathione peroxidase, which protects cells against free radicals. This enzyme is the main depot of selenium in the body (from 30 to 60%). In addition, being a synergist of vitamins E and C, selenium enhances their antioxidant activity. In combination with it, it supportshealth , increases the body's resistance to radiation. Lack of selenium not only reduces immunity and performance, but also leads to the development of cardiovascular disease, infertility in men and women, accumulation of heavy metals and premature aging.

As part of special enzymes, selenium is involved in the metabolism of iodine and the formation of the thyroid hormone T3, which is necessary for the normal physical and psychological development of the organism as a whole, especially the central nervous system.

Selenium is a component of proteins of muscle tissue, including myocardium. It improves the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels and the fluidity of the blood, the transport of nutrients and oxygen to the tissues and is responsible for the normal state of the blood cells of platelets.

Selenium and vitamin C play an important role in maintaining immune system health. They contribute to the synthesis of the main immune cells: leukocytes, lymphocytes, antibodies, macrophages and interferon, thus enhancing the body's defenses against adverse factors.

Selenium is very important for healthy skin. It protects the skin from damage by heavy metals and free radicals, prevents premature aging, improves its elasticity, reduces the synthesis of melanin and reduces skin pigmentation.


Selenium has a positive effect on health:
Ensures normal functioning of the cardiovascular system, the immune system and other systems.
Helps slow down the aging process.
Helps maintain skin elasticity.


Selenium (L-Selenomethionine) - 75 mcg.
Vitamin C - 75mg.
Auxiliary components.


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