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Sports Products: Shaker Coral Club, light-green (400 ml)

Shaker Coral Club, light-green (400 ml)

Convenient and stylish shaker with a snap-on lid. Easy to use, helps mix drinks quickly. The whisk is made of surgical stainless steel and moves freely around the entire glass of the shaker, evenly mixing any mixture until completely homogeneous. Just add the ingredients, shake and the drink is ready! Read more...
In order to find out the price of the product “‎Shaker Coral Club, light-green”, contact advisor Valentyna Poniatovska in the most convenient way. He/she will provide the price, tell you about the product and how to buy in Australia with a 20% discount on the official website of the Coral Club company.
It is convenient to use both at home and on the road or fitness club. Choose a shaker of your favorite summer color and let it give you optimism and energy - every day, in any weather!

Material: safe, easy to clean plastic, stainless steel whisk
Volume: 400ml
Color: light green
Production: China


Valentyna Poniatovska
Independent consultant IN AUSTRALIA

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