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Energy and performance: SuperCherry Bar (Coral Club)

SuperCherry Bar (38 g)

Delicious bars for a healthy diet with the addition of various fruits, berries, nuts, seeds, seaweed, spices and other plant components of organic origin. Instead of sucrose, natural agave syrup is used as a sweetener. Contain no artificial colors, preservatives or flavor enhancers. Read more...
In order to find out the price of the product “‎SuperCherry Bar”, contact advisor Valentyna Poniatovska in the most convenient way. He/she will provide the price, tell you about the product and how to buy in Australia with a 20% discount on the official website of the Coral Club company.
An excellent option for a snack during the working day, between lectures, after training. Due to its nutritional value and balanced composition, the bar quickly restores strength and at the same time supplies the body with valuable substances that are important for health, well-being and mood. The composition contains only organic plant components.

It contains only plant and organic components.

Store in a dry place at room temperature away from direct sunlight.


Valentyna Poniatovska
Independent consultant IN AUSTRALIA

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