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Coral Zinc 25 (100 tablets)

Zinc is a unique product that participates in the metabolism, strengthens the immune system, plays an important role in the processes of restoring the growth of skin, hair and nails. Read more...
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Coral Zinc 25 (100 tablets)


Zinc (gluconate) - 25 mg.
Auxiliary components.

"Coral Zinc" is a product with a universal range of functions, which has a positive effect on health promotion: it is vital for the functioning of the immune system, has an antiviral effect, supports the body’s hormonal balance, is effective in various skin diseases, acne.


The product contains gluconate, which is easily absorbed by the body, does not cause side effects when used, meets the highest quality standards.

The source of zinc in food are beef, liver, seafood, wheat germ, oatmeal, carrots, peas, spinach, nuts.

In the body of an adult contains 1.5-3 g of zinc. This trace element can be found in all organs and tissues, but its greatest amount is contained in the prostate gland, semen, skin, hair, muscle tissue, and blood cells.

Zinc is involved in various types of metabolism, including protein, so it is necessary for the normal course of many biological processes. This element is required for protein synthesis, including collagen and bone formation.

Zinc participates in the processes of cell division, the formation of cellular immunity, the functioning of dozens of enzymes, and the pancreatic hormone insulin.

Zinc promotes the absorption of vitamin E and its maintenance in normal concentration in the blood, regulates the blood formation process.

Zinc plays an important role in the restoration of the skin, hair and nail growth, and secretion of the sebaceous glands.

It is important for processing the body of alcohol, so its deficiency in the body can increase the predisposition to alcoholism.

Synergistically acts in combination with vitamins A and B6, providing a generally healing effect on the body.


"Coral Zinc" has a beneficial effect:
Provides full support for the immune and endocrine systems.
Optimizes metabolism.
Improves the condition of the skin.


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