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Integrated Wellness: Pack of life (Coral Club)

Pack of life

A unique set of three products that effectively maintain health and increase the bioenergetic potential of the body. Thanks to their synergistic action, you will feel at the peak of the physical and enhance the intellectual tone. Read more...

Pack of Life is a unique grouping which includes 3 products: (Coral Mine (30 sachets), ActiVin, and Assimulator) that support the body’s vitality and increases its biological potential. These products will make you feel at your physical peak, increase your stamina, and enhance the functioning of many body systems including the digestive system.

Coral Mine

Is a mineral composition regulating the body’s mineral balance and normalizing activity of essential body systems and organs. A complex of mineral compounds assists in keeping optimal pH level, regulates blood pressure and heart rate, prevents osteoporosis and arthritis, increases muscles elasticity, restores bone and cartilaginous tissue structure, regulates kidney function and the gastrointestinal system, and enhances skin condition.


Contains a variety of natural antioxidants (inulin, grape seeds extract, royal jelly, ginkgo biloba leaves, green tea, and milk thistle seed extracts), which rids free radicals and slows the aging processes, while increasing energy and stamina.


Improves digestion. It contains natural ferments (amylase, cellulase, lactase, protease, papaine, bromelain, and lipase) which break up complex food substances into simpler ones in the gastrointestinal tract; the simple substances are absorbed through the intestine mucous membrane and move into the blood stream. The product is good for enhancing digestion, decreasing flatulency and stomach “fullness”, and increasing nutrition for the cells and the body’s immune system.


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