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How do I know when a product is available?
To find out when a product will be available, visit the official website of the Coral Club company. Then open the product card and click on the "Inquire about availability" button. As soon as the product is on offer, you will receive an email notification.
Can food supplements be taken by children?
As a rule, the usual contraindications for all products are: individual sensitivity, pregnancy, lactation, and also under 12 years of age. These restrictions are not absolute and mean that these categories are not recommended for taking products without consulting a physician qualified to assess the need for ingestion and dosing schedule. Therefore, only a pediatrician can give you a recommendation about the product.
What to do if a damaged product is delivered?
The company sets high standards for the quality of goods and manufactures them using the latest technologies.
She values ​​your trust and goes above and beyond to make sure you enjoy your purchases, which is why returning to Coral Club is easy.
If for any reason the product does not suit you, you can refuse it at any time before receiving the order and within 7 days of receipt.

It is possible to replace a poor quality product with a similar good quality product or another with recalculation of the purchase price, as well as return the money spent on the purchase of this product, if:

the packaging is broken, damaged or stained;
- the product has an unusual odour/colour/taste;
- the goods are damaged or broken, or other surface defects are revealed;
- the product does not correspond to the description (in terms of volume, quantity in the packaging, etc.), or the set was delivered incomplete;
- there are other defects, or the goods have not been delivered or purchased by mistake.
Could there be an overdose of dietary supplements?
Dietary supplements are safe and if you take them according to the instructions, there is no question of overdosing.
Do I need to take a break when using the H-500?
We ingest toxins and free radicals every day from the air, from food, through stress and in the course of the body's normal life. Therefore, there is no need to take a break from taking H-500. We try to live on the principle of competent prevention and not wait for the appearance of an ailment due to intoxication.
I have product questions, who can I contact?
If you are in possession of a valid Coral-Club discount card, you can contact your advisor, the person you are registered with. If you find information on the Internet and you do not have a discount card and an advisor, you can write your inquiry for feedback or call the person on whose site you found the information by phone, WhatsApp or Viber.


Do I have to cleanse the body of toxins or can I start the Colo-Vada Plus program right away?
It is necessary to prepare the body for a deep cleansing. In order not to have intoxication, the first step is to remove toxins. The second step is the antiparasitic program and only after that the Colo-Vada colon cleansing.
Can chronic diseases be cured using the Health Concept?
Each person has a unique body. Someone needs 3 months to recover, while for others 3 years is not enough. There is a universal formula that helps to restore the body - the Concept of Health. Do you want to get rid of a chronic illness? Then count the years that you suffered from this. It will take you about that many months to get rid of it.
Can children undergo body cleansing with the Health Concept?
The concept of health for everyone is the same, only for a child the dose is less than for an adult. In an adult, the cells in the body generally change in 3 years and in a child in 1 year. This makes the “Health Concept” a good investment not only in the present, but also in the future of the child, because some processes are irreversible in the formation of a child.
Can I use Coral Detox if I have cardiovascular disease?
Disease of the cardiovascular system, like any other disease, is the result of slagging of the body.
You should start by cleansing the body with Coral Detox, which helps to remove toxins and slags from the body, enrich the blood with oxygen, restore the acid-base and water-salt balance and reduce the strain on the heart muscle.


How to drink water correctly with Coral Mine?
Drink water with Coral Mine 30 minutes before meals and 1.5-2 hours after meals. This water should not be taken with food.
How much water should you drink per day?
The minimum dose varies from person to person. It can be calculated as follows: multiply 30 ml of water by 1 kg of your body weight. For example, for a weight of 50 kg: multiply 30 ml of water by 50 kg of body weight = 1500 ml.
Why drink water with Coral-Mine?
The difference between Coral-Mine water and regular water is that it is pure, alkaline, alive and rich in minerals. If you live near a clean source, somewhere in the mountains, you don't need Coral Mine, you already have clean and "correct" water.
What is so special about water to which Coral-Mine has been added?
A sachet of Coral-Mine changes the structure of the water, purifies it and enriches it with minerals. The water becomes slightly alkaline, with a negative redox potential similar in structure to the intercellular fluid in the body. Our body does not waste its energy trying to structure it. Water from Coral-Mine prolongs human life.
Can people with diabetes drink water from Coral-Mine?
It is certainly possible and even necessary. The first thing to do is to drop all drinks and drink only water. The goal is to make the blood less sweet, thin it, and reduce the damage from free glucose crystals floating there. Drink 1.5 liters of water with Coral-Mine per day. This causes your blood sugar to drop significantly.
Can I always drink water with Coral-Mine and how does this affect the body?
Water with Coral-Mine can always be drunk, as a sachet of coral enriches the water with macro- and micro-elements, calcium in ionic form. Maintains the acid-base balance in the body, changes the structure of water. Drinking this water constantly reduces the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular and digestive systems.
Can I lose weight if I drink Coral Mine water every day?
Yes, you can lose weight by drinking Coral Mine water. But you must first find out the cause of the overweight or underweight. This can be hormonal disorders, stress, unbalanced diet, reluctance to exercise, etc. To get results, consult a personal advisor who will select a weight loss or - gain program for you.
I've heard that water from Coral-Mine lowers blood pressure, is that true?
That is a good question. Coral-Mine water does indeed lower blood pressure. Again, the reason(s) for elevated blood pressure must be identified. The most effective way is an integrated approach via the Health Concept.


Can breastfeeding mothers cleanse their bodies with the Detox program?
Nursing mothers can use Coral Detox. Assimilator improves metabolic processes, Lecithin normalizes the nervous system of both mother and child, and improves liver function, H-500 is a pure silicon; deficiency can lead to brittleness and stiffness of bones. Coral Mine is a mini filter bag for enriching water with minerals. All products are of vegetable origin. In addition, H-500 can serve as a first aid for her, if her child is sick or has a fever.
Can I drink coconut milk in the 2nd stage of Colo Vada?
No. The composition of coconut milk includes proteins - 4 mg, fats - 27 mg, carbohydrates - 3 mg. It is better to drink orange juice. The composition includes proteins - 1 mg, fats - 0, carbohydrates - 3 mg or tomato juice.
Are there any contraindications when using Coral Detox?
There are no contraindications to the use of the Coral Detox program. All four products in the program help open the drainage systems, remove and absorb toxins and normalize all body fluids.
At what age can you drink Coral Detox?
The Coral Detox program can be started from the age of 12.
Which program to use for liver cirrhosis?
You have to start with Coral Detox + FanDetox or Artichoke, then switch to the liver program (bags containing Coral-Mine, Coral Lecithin, Coral Artichoke, Super-Flora, Spirulina tablets, FanDetox, Griffonia).


Is it possible to cure cataracts using the “Vision" program?
With timely prevention, cataracts can be cured. The main thing is to take care of your health in time. Wellness begins with the step-by-step application of the concept of health. The first is to give the organism drink with biological living water, the second is to clean it from parasites and bacteria. After cleaning, start a course of prophylaxis and vision restoration using the products of our company Coral Club.
Can a 12-year-old child follow a vision restoration program?
Yes,the child can, but you should reduce the dose and the number of capsules.


Is it possible by determining test how serious the illness is?
Using these tests can not determine how severe the disease. With their help, you can only determine which organ needs repair and prevention.


How is the business training at the Coral Club?
Trainings are delivered in a most suitable for you. These are free online webinars, as well as offline seminars and forums. In addition, Coral Club members can be trained through the company's official website, in the section Coral Business Academy.
How do you learn more about Doing Business with Coral Club?
If you want more detailed information, you can register on the site. An advisor will then contact you and answer all your questions.


What does the subscription to the newsletter give me?
Stay up to date with the latest Coral Club news and events. Be the first to know about company promotions, new products, events and much more. If you do not wish to receive letters from us, you can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time.


Is this a company website?
No. This is not a corporate site, this is an independent distributor site.
How can I get a 20% discount on products?
Request a free discount card to get a discount. To do this, click on the "Register" button, fill in the form and you will be given a discount card number. This number allows you to place orders with 20% off in any city or country.
Why do I need a club number and why do I have to register?
With a card number, Coral Club customers have the opportunity to purchase quality products to restore health, with a 20% discount, participate in monthly promotions, collect points, receive free training and consultations.
Why should I register?
After registration you have the option to secure your personal information. To do this, you can create your personal account based on the discount card number and secure it with a password. In that case, you will have access to your personal data. The company needs your email address to send you confirmation of receipt and delivery of the order.
In addition, you can always track your orders by going to the order history in your personal account. If the products you want to buy are out of stock, you can add it to the "wish list" and the company will in turn notify you by email when it is available.
I do not have a card number, but I do have a referral card number.
If you do not have a club card, but do have the card number of the person who recommended the Coral Club products, you can request a personal discount card yourself. To do this, register on the official website of the company, provide the card number of the person who invited you and get the number of your personal discount card. Then activate the card with a minimum purchase of at least 12 points. If you do not activate your number within three months, the card will be cancelled. To receive a new card number, you must register again.
I have no card number and no referral card number.
If you don't have a referrer, you can get this number automatically by clicking the "I don't have the referrer number" link and the site will select the closest referrer. You can only change the referrer after one year if you do not make any purchases with your card number.
Can I make purchases without applying for a discount card?
This is possible, both in the store and on the card number of the person who recommended the Coral Club products to you.
For some reason I can't enter my personal account.
There can be many reasons. For example, you entered your card number incorrectly or forgot your password. In this case, check your card number with your advisor and change your password.
How can I change the password in my account?
To change the password for entering your personal account on the Coral Club website, use the "Remember password" function during authorization. To do this, click on the "Forgot password" button. After that, a letter about your further actions will be sent to the email address you provided during registration.
Can't open your personal account page on Coral Club?
If you are unable to access the personal account entry page on the official website, try logging in from a different internet browser. In addition, you should clear your cache and cookies. After deleting cookies, the products you have added to the shopping cart will not be saved.
How can I change the content of an order?
You can change or edit your order before proceeding to payment. After you have placed and paid for your order, no changes are possible. To edit an order after payment, you need to contact support on the official Coral Club website.
How do I cancel my order?
If you have not yet paid for your order and want to cancel it, click the "Cancel" button. If the order has already been paid, you need to call the support service on the company's official website to cancel it.
How can I track my order?
You can track the location of the package by the tracking number you received by email after placing the order. Choose the tracking number on the website of the courier service:
- Courier Service "DPD"
- Courier Service "DHL Express"
How to find out where the sales office is located in your city?
To find out the address of the sales office in your city, go to the official website of the Coral Club company in the "Contacts" section. In the search box, type the name of the city. You will see a green circle on the map, click on it and you will see the address of the sales office.
How can I buy a website on the incoral platform?
If you are a member of the club and want to buy a site on the incoral platform, follow the website address


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