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Nervous system test

Nervous system test

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1. Have you been tired recently?
2. Reduced performance, feel weak?
3. Disturbed concentration, memory loss?
4. Is there a desire to cry for no apparent reason?
5. Is there a feeling of fear, nervousness, irritability?
6. Do you suffer from insomnia, often wake up at night?
7. Is there a decrease in vision by more than +/- 2.5?
8. Is there a hearing loss?
9. Have you often become angry, offended, has aggression appeared?
10. Often there is depression? You feel indifference to everything, apathy, there is no desire to do something.

The nervous system is a highway along which the brain transmits and receives information about what is happening in and around the body. It consists of the brain, spinal cord, and nerve fibers that extend to all parts of the body, including the neck and arms, trunk, legs, skeletal muscles, and internal organs.

In order to control the movement of muscles, and the functions of internal organs, messages are transmitted through the spinal cord and nerve endings. The main working unit is the cells, they are called neurons, there are more than 100 billion of them.


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