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Immune system test

Immune system test

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1. Often had ARVI, ARI?
2. Have a chronic illness?
3. Do you often have respiratory illnesses?
4. Is there an exacerbation of chronic diseases?
5. Do you often feel weak?
6. Do you sweat often?
7. Do you have frequent headaches?
8. Are there rashes on the skin in the form of acne?
9. Do your wounds heal and fester for a long time?
10. How often does the temperature hold without signs of acute respiratory infections?

We are surrounded by millions of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that penetrate our body and cause harm to it in the form of diseases. The immune system guards human health and is able to recognize foreign invaders.

The decline arises for various reasons. It can be, and on nerve soil and heavy physical exertion. There are people who are most often sick or nervous. This category includes entrepreneurs, professional athletes, children who have not been immunized since childhood, and others.

The state of the immune system is disturbed due to private fungal, viral colds.


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