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The intestines are the second human brain

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The intestine is the main organ and the second human brain. It contains a larger number of neurons, lymphocytes and beneficial microorganisms. As a result of their coordinated work, strong immunity is born.

It happens that people have a serious illness, but they don’t know this. The disease can be asymptomatic and manifest in different parts of the body. For example, pain in the stomach, but in fact the reason lies in the small intestine.

Ninety percent of the world's population suffers from dysbiosis. In an infected with pathogenic bacteria, the protective function of the body weakens, the process of assimilation of vitamins and minerals from food is disrupted. As a result, hypovitaminosis occurs.

The worst thing is that microbes poison the body, disrupting the liver and other organ systems. The first thing you should pay attention to is a frequent change of mood, a breakdown, overweight. This leads to gastritis, excess weight, and even to oncology.

Good mood, thick hair, healthy skin, nails also depend entirely on the state of the intestinal microflora.

Scientists have proven that dirty intestines contribute to the development of eczema, asthma, and psoriasis.

The simplest thing that each of you can do is to maintain health by strengthening the army of beneficial bacteria with the Target Program: Healthy Gut.

Each of your organs is made up of a trillion cells. Only at the cellular level can various problems associated with diseases be resolved.

The intestine has 300 square meters of area, where a certain number of enterocytes lives. They work hard to restore the epithelium. For example, the small intestine is updated every 2 days, the large intestine every 4 days, the mucous membrane of the stomach for 5 days. As a result, after 2-3 weeks you have a completely new gastrointestinal tract.

The beneficial bacteria in the intestines help digest food, neutralize harmful bacteria, are responsible for the state of the gastrointestinal tract, break down proteins and take part in the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Therefore, probiotics such as: Super Flora or B-Kurunga must be present in your diet. By the way, Super Flora and Coral Lecithin are included in the purification program.

I wish you to begin your journey into the world of health with bowel cleansing!

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Alina Antonenko
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