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Digestion: Antioxidant Chlorella Tablets (Coral Club)

Chlorella Tablets (180 tablets)

Chlorella is a unique antioxidant especially beneficial to those who work in industries wrought with health risks, urban dwellers and those with harmful addictions. Read more...
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Chlorella Tablets (180 tablets)


Chlorella (Chlorella Pyrenoidosa) - 500 mg

Chlorella is a microalgae based product. Chlorella, with unique biological properties, have antioxidant and detoxification properties, the ability to optimize the activity of the immune system and the digestive process.


Unicellular algae in its nutritional value is not inferior to meat and cereals. If wheat contains 12% protein, then its chlorella is more than 50%! And all because almost half of the cytoplasm consists of protein. According to biochemists, this is a very good source of protein for those people who cannot or will not eat meat. In addition, chlorella contains beta-carotene, vitamins B9, B12, C, E, amino acids, and minerals that are needed for good nutrition.

Studies by American scientists have revealed significant detoxification abilities of chlorella. According to their results, the elimination of pesticides, heavy metals such as mercury and lead from the body increases significantly when chlorella is ingested. This unsurpassed effect is due to the growth factor in chlorella, which protects cells from the effects of various toxic substances.

Chlorella has a large supply of chlorophyll. It is established that the microalgae contains chlorophyll 5-10 times more than spirulina or alfalfa. Chlorophyll is very effective in the fight against anemia: it saturates the blood with oxygen and is converted to hemoglobin.

Chlorella has a beneficial effect on the digestive process by normalizing the excretion of digestive juices and is a food resource for friendly microflora that stimulates its growth. The fibrous material that makes up the walls of algal cells improves intestinal function, relieves indigestion, and has a healing effect. The complex of nucleic acids, proteins, peptides that are part of the material is responsible for the antimutation process in the tissues and their restoration.

Chlorella also helps to stimulate the body's defenses by secreting the interferon antiviral protein, which has specific properties against cytamegalovirus and Epstein-Barr viruses. Thanks to these properties, it confronts many infectious diseases.


Chlorella is helpful:
People with poor health, the elderly, residents of large industrial cities, working in hazardous industries.
Smokers, alcohol abuse.
For the prevention of anemia.
With dysbiosis and gastrointestinal diseases.


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