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Cleansing: Coral Burdock Root (Coral Club)

Coral Burdock Root (90 caps)

Coral Burdock Root is a unique herbal supplement that consists of crushed root powder and an array of highly concentrated extracts of burdock root. Read more...
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Coral Burdock Root (90 caps)
"Coral Burdock Root" is a health remedy based on burdock root, Arctium lappa. Optimizes metabolism, blood circulation processes, enhances biliary excretion, diuresis, reduces inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, shows antibacterial properties.


Burdock root has a high content of bioactive substances that have a diverse effect on the body. It contains inulin polysaccharide (more than 35%), natural sterols, fatty carboxylic (palmitic and stearic) and hydroxycinnamic acids, tannins, bitterness, protein, essential oils.

Burdock root contains a large amount of inulin, which gives the plant a sweetish taste. Splitting in the digestive tract to fructose, inulin increases the deposition of glycogen in the liver and normalizes the insulin-forming function of the pancreas. Therefore, it is very useful for diabetics. In addition, insulin has prebiotic properties, that is, a positive effect on the microflora, promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Oxycinnamic acids of burdock have toxic, diuretic and blood-purifying properties. They contribute to enhanced removal of diuretic acid, urea, ammonia, toxins from the blood, improving kidney function and increasing diuresis. In addition, normalize the water-salt metabolism and have a hepatoprotective effect.

Burdock active substances reduce inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, protect the mucous membrane of the stomach and colon from irritation and improve the secretion of gastric juice, promote healing of ulcerative erosions, reduce spastic pain and promote bowel release.

Contained in burdock increase the separation of bile, increase the secretion of pancreatic enzymes. Due to this healing effect, burdock root can be used for various eating disorders, abnormal liver function and gall bladder.

Burdock is characterized by the presence in the composition of valuable plant stearins sitosterol and stigmasterol - cholesterol antagonists. These substances regulate the metabolism of lipoproteins in the liver and small intestine, reduces the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine, thereby reducing its level in the blood. At the same time, being natural mountain-like substances, they prevent or smooth out hormonal disorders.

At the root of burdock there are quite a few essential oils and carboxylic acids, known antiseptics, which destroy pathogenic bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, causing dyspepsia, allergies, meteorism.


Improves detoxification of the body.
Help reduce cholesterol.
Reduces inflammatory and bacterial phenomena in the gastrointestinal tract.
Optimizes digestion and liver function.


Alina Antonenko
Independent consultant IN ISRAEL

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