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Natural Anti-Inflammatory, Scar Dissolving Cream, Heals Burns: Emu oil (Coral Club)

Emu oil (50 ml)

Emu oil is a natural and effective moisturizer that is quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy residue . It has bacteriostatic properties, reduces irritation and inflammation in various skin problems, promotes skin regeneration and healing, and dissolves scars more actively than others. Read more...
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Purified emu oil 99.7%
Essential oil of rosemary leaves
Vitamin E

The Australian Aborigines were the first to discover the healing properties of emu oil. For centuries, ancient people have used it as a universal remedy for various ailments: wounds, burns, joint pain and skin diseases.

Emu oil is a highly concentrated product of natural origin. Absorbs quickly without leaving greasy traces. The anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties of emu oil are determined by its high (about 70%) content of unsaturated fatty acids, of which oleic acid and linoleic acid predominate.

Linoleic acid is known for its beneficial effects for muscle and joint pain. Linoleic acid prostaglandins reduce joint swelling and stiffness, muscle tension associated with increased physical stress.

Emu oil is an excellent moisturizer. Due to the high content of oleic acid, it absorbs quickly, penetrates the deeper layers of the skin and provides hydration throughout the day. This monounsaturated fatty acid carries with it other biologically active substances, greatly improving their transport deep into the skin.

In addition, emu oil does not clog pores and therefore does not cause acne, so it is suitable for the care of dry and problematic skin.

It also contributes to skin regeneration and healing, reduces irritation and inflammation in various skin problems. It has a calming effect, reduces itching and prevents the formation of keloid tissue, making recovery faster and more intense, accompanied by less pain and aesthetic defects.

It can be applied to wounds at the stage of early epithelialization, since emu oil has bacteriostatic properties, preventing the reproduction in the wound of various types of bacteria. When used, healing of postoperative stitches and burns is much faster.

Emu oil goes well with other cosmetic products, contains no allergens and is very economical in use.

Essential oil of rosemary leaves not only gives the product a pleasant herbal aroma, but also enhances its main properties. Like all essential oils, rosemary oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, works well for muscle fatigue and stiffness, dissolves scars better than others.

Emu oil

Reduces irritation in various skin problems (acne, eczema, allergic manifestations, bites, etc.);
Promotes the regeneration and healing of the skin and also prevents the formation of keloid tissue (when used systemically, it can handle new scars);
Great sedative that relieves itching (can be used under diapers, replaces powders and creams);
Improves local blood circulation, relaxes muscles;
Promotes wound healing, skin regeneration, pain relief; helps with burns of various origins (thermal, chemical, sunburn);
With prolonged use of the balm, the secretion of the sebaceous glands is normalized, the structure and appearance of the skin are improved.


Alina Antonenko
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