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Energy: Antioxidant H-500, 60 capsules (Coral Club)

H-500 (60 capsules)

A product that prevents the destructive effect of free radicals and increases the energy potential of the body by stimulating the production of cellular energy. Read more...
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H-500 (60 capsules)
«H-500» replenishes the line of products that have antioxidant effect. As is known, free radicals damage the mitochondria in which ATP is formed and stored, thus depriving them of the ability to meet the body's energy needs. As a result, typical signs of aging appear: memory, hearing, eyesight deteriorate, tone and stamina decrease. Providing protection from free radicals, the «H-500» helps to restore the normal working capacity of the body.


Thanks to the «H-500», the problem of early aging and bad health will simply cease to exist for you. «H-500» is a vital force, endurance and recovery, physical and mental efficiency.

«H-500» makes it easier to cope with physical activity, sports activities or hard work. The product helps to reduce the level of lactic acid and its rapid utilization from the muscles, accelerates their recovery after the load. Such a positive effect makes it possible to recommend the product to people of intellectual labor engaged in heavy production, sportsmen, and also active recreation enthusiasts or those who for some reason need to be vigorous and full of strength, as it makes it easy to overload, relieve overexertion, increase elasticity and muscle tone.

This product increases the energy potential of the body by stimulating the production of cellular energy, which is very important for health in general, as a sufficient supply of energy provides physical and mental performance, improves metabolism and helps to withstand many unfavorable factors.

Oxidative stress caused by toxins, microbes, free radicals, leads to cell damage and deterioration of health. «H-500» prevents the oxidation of healthy cells and restores a favorable alkaline environment in the body, contributing to the improvement of cell nutrition and metabolism.


Has a beneficial effect on health: thanks to an increase in the body's energy reserves, it is useful to people of intellectual labor engaged in heavy production, etc.
Is necessary for sportsmen, and also for fans of outdoor enthusiasts.
Prevents premature aging of the body.


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