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Skin, hair and nails: MSM (Coral Club)

MSM (60 capsules)

Improves the condition of the skin, hair and nails. Maintains the health of joints, ligaments and cartilage. Read more...
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MSM (60 capsules)


Methylsulfonylmethane - 750 mg.
Vitamin C - 50 mg.
Biotin - 50 mg.

MSM is a synergistic product based on organic sulfur (MSM), vitamin C and biotin. This combination ensures the high efficiency of the product in maintaining healthy joints, cartilage, young and beautiful skin.


MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a bioavailable sulfur of organic origin. In our body, the most sulfur is found in the skin, nails, hair, muscles and joints. With age, the amount of sulfur decreases, so its additional flow becomes necessary. MSM performs many vital functions. It is part of the amino acids methionine, cysteine, cystine and taurine, immune proteins, vitamin N (lipoic acid), B1 and B7, enzymes, the hormone insulin and the antioxidant protein glutathione.

MSM is a component of glycosaminoglycans - the structural components of connective and cartilage tissues, helps to reduce inflammation in the articular cartilage and muscles. In addition, it provides the transport of nutrients to muscle tissue, accelerates their recovery after stress. Sulfur also "works" as an antioxidant, neutralizes toxic substances and free radicals in the body.

Sulfur is a component of collagen and keratin proteins that support healthy skin, hair and nails. It normalizes fat metabolism in the skin cells, reduces irritation and inflammation, strengthens the structure of hair and nails, accelerates their growth.

Biotin or vitamin B7 (B8, or H) is a water-soluble vitamin of group B. Often biotin is called the vitamin of beauty and youth due to its healing effect on the skin and hair. Biotin interacts well with vitamin C and MSM, and with B7 MSM has a very close relationship, since vitamin is a source of sulfur. B7 is involved in the synthesis of keratin (the main protein of the skin, hair and nails), in addition supports the natural hair color. It is also important that B7 improves the functioning of the sebaceous glands, affecting fat metabolism in the skin, including the scalp. Thanks to biotin, the skin stops flaking, blackheads (comedones) disappear.

Vitamin C is one of the best antioxidant vitamins. Vitamin C is involved in the formation of collagen-protein of youth and the main protein of connective tissue, and these are our joints, cartilage, muscles, skin, hair, nails.


MSM has a beneficial effect on health:
Helps strengthen joints and cartilage.
Restores muscle tissue.
Improves the condition of the skin, hair and nails.
Provides antioxidant protection of the body.


Alina Antonenko
Independent consultant IN ISRAEL

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