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Endocrine system test (for women)

Endocrine system test (for women)

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1. Are you overweight?
2. Do you have rare periods?
3. Is there an enlarged thyroid gland?
4. Is there a seal in the mammary glands?
5. Did your blood sugar rise?
6. Are you constantly thirsty?
7. Have endocrine diseases?
8. Do you have unhealed wounds for a long time?
9. Are you experiencing sudden weight loss?
10. Do you experience palpitations and dizziness?

If you have irritability, immunity has decreased, hair began to fall out, swelling has appeared, your menstrual cycle has broken, potency has decreased, which means that the thyroid gland began to produce in insufficient quantities or in excess of hormones. And the body began complete chaos.

Hormones are responsible for all vital processes in the human body, in particular for the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, for sexual activity, for metabolic processes.


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