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Female reproductive system test

Female reproductive system test

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1. Do you have irregular periods?
2. Do you have excessive hair growth?
3. Are there pulling pains in the lower abdomen?
4. Is the uterus enlarged? (It is necessary to do an ultrasound).
5. Have you had any genital diseases?
6. Do you have pain during your period?
7. Do you have cheesy discharge?
8. Do you have sexual abuse?
9. Do you ever have a desire to have sex?
10. Do you have regular sex life?

The reproductive female system is a combination of internal and external organs that work together with the goal of procreation. The external structure includes the clitoris, labia and Bartholin's glands. The main internal structure consists of the vagina and uterus - which act as a vessel for sperm, ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Infections can cause serious diseases of the reproductive female system, this can lead to serious consequences, up to the development of cancer.


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