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Blood test system

Blood test system

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1. Do you suffer from anemia?
2. Ever flashed before your eyes?
3. Was there a taste of metal in your mouth?
4. Poor exercise?
5. Is there a rapid heartbeat during physical exertion?
6. Have you ever been dizzy?
7. Is there shortness of breath during exercise?
8. Do you have varicose veins?
9. For a long time the blood does not stop with cuts, abrasions?
10. Have there been changes in blood tests?

The hematopoietic system is a vital organ that provides several functions. Firstly, it creates specific immune cells that have the ability to destroy pathogens, tumors, and also protect the body from toxins. Secondly, it distributes necessary nutrients, such as oxygen, to all body tissues.

Red blood cells serve as the main cells and are carriers of oxygen from the lungs to all body tissues. Many authorities need ongoing repairs and maintenance. In the blood, for example, neutrophils do not live long, and must be cleaned every day, by macrophages that are located in vital organs. Platelets form a barrier to prevent blood loss and protect the host from infection.

If damage has occurred to any organ entering the hematopoietic system, changes in the composition of the blood occur. This can lead to the fact that white blood cells begin to fight with their own cells, red blood cells.


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