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Male reproductive system test

Male reproductive system test

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1. Have you had a sexually transmitted disease?
2. Have minor pain in the perineum and lower abdomen?
3. Have experienced a decrease in performance?
4. Pain when urinating?
5. Were there any discharge during urination?
6. Have you ever experienced a decrease in potency?
7. Do you have regular sex life?
8. Have you had premature ejaculation?
9. Have you had a decrease in sexual desire for a partner?
10. Have you had a weak erection?

The state of the reproductive system depends on the physical, psychological state, stress, problems, unresolved domestic issues and other reasons. All this inevitably affects their health, and most importantly, sexual function.

Fertility and sexual capabilities of men depend on the normal functioning of hormones. The genitals are formed under the influence of testosterone secreted from the embryonic testicles, by maturation.

Discomfort, pain in the inguinal region, erectile dysfunction, any changes in the shape and density of the genitals are symptoms of serious diseases.


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