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Urinary system test

Urinary system test

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1. Is there pain during urination?
2. Is there lower back pain during hypothermia?
3. Is urination frequent during the day?
4. Is the urine dirty?
5. Are there swelling in the morning under the eyes?
6. Is there frequent urination at night?
7. Were there any infections in the urinary tract?
8. Was there an allergy (skin rash)?
9. Are you sweating a lot?
10. Does itch on your skin?

Throughout life, harmful substances are excreted from the human body, most of it in the form of urine through the kidneys. If we talk about the state of the urinary system of women, it differs in the length of the urethra and in that they only excrete urine, and men also have sperm.

The genitourinary system is responsible for acid-base balance, blood pressure and fluid status. Infections are the main causes of gynecological, urological diseases that provoke the development of infertility, cystitis, ectopic pregnancy and other diseases. In men, this is urethritis and prostatitis.


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