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Heart and blood vessels: Iron (Coral Club)

Iron (60 capsules)

Prevents the development of anemia and increases the level of vitality and performance. Read more...
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Iron (60 capsules)
The product “Iron” in its organic form contains a highly important element that prevents the development of anemia and increases the level of vital energy and working capacity. Organic iron is much fuller and easier to digest. It does not cause adverse reactions characteristic of inorganic iron salts: dyspeptic disorders, irritation of the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines, metallic taste, darkening of the tooth enamel.


Participates in the processes of hematopoiesis and tissue respiration. Iron is absorbed in the intestine, then diffuses into the blood vessels, where it is captured by a special transport protein transferrin. Thanks to transferrin, cells and tissues are saturated with iron. Being a part of cytochrome enzymes, it participates in the processes of tissue respiration (transports oxygen from the lungs to all cells of the body) in the synthesis of ATP in enzymatic reactions, in cholesterol metabolism. It accumulates in the spleen, liver, bone marrow and is used by the body as needed, preventing the development of iron deficiency anemia, the symptoms of which are: general muscle weakness, impaired taste and smell, brittle nails and hair.

Strengthens immunity. Adequate iron content in the body contributes to the full functioning of the protective system. Iron is a component of enzymes (catalysis, myeloperoxidase), which inhibit the action of pathogenic microorganisms and antibacterial properties. It provides a synthesis of protective proteins: lysozyme and interferon.

Improves the condition of the skin, nails, hair. Iron activates the production of antioxidant enzymes (oxidase, superoxide dismutase), which prevent oxidative processes in cells and are involved in the regeneration of epithelial tissues, eliminate brittle nails, improve hair structure and pigmentation.

Lack of iron causes serious malfunctions in the body: anemia may develop, immunity decreases, the risk of infectious diseases increases, and constant fatigue is felt.


Prevention of anemia.
Regulation of tissue respiration and metabolism.
Restoration of immunity at the cellular level.
Prevention of skin diseases.
Improve the condition of the skin, nails, hair.


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