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Cleansing the lymphatic system

One of the most complex and very important systems in the human body is the Lymph. It removes poisons from the body, which are secreted by bacteria, fungi and parasites. Immunity completely depends on the lymphatic system. Immunity is life. We should therefore treat the lymphatic system with care and respect!

It moves from bottom to top, and never in reverse order! When the lymph rises, the valve passes it and immediately closes, so there is no return. If you do not massage correctly, against the movement of lymph, then all the valves will simply collapse. Therefore, massage is done only in the direction of movement of the lymph. Inflammation of the lymph nodes occurs if the lymph is dirty.


The lymphatic system is involved in the metabolism and elimination of toxins from the body. There is no lymph flow only in the eyeballs, brain and spinal cord. Lymph is responsible for the destruction and removal of toxins and cellular debris from the body. The withdrawal is carried out primarily through the mucous membranes: intestines, genitals, nasopharynx, respiratory tract. Sweat glands are also involved in the process.

The lymphatic system needs to be cleaned regularly. The first thing to do is to start drinking clean water, eliminating acidic foods and liquids from the diet. The active ingredients of the program enhance the lymph cleansing effect.

Ingredient products:

Coral Licorice Root - to dilute the lymph, for its rapid movement. Take 1 tablet 3 times a day, dissolve the tablet in a glass of hot water, drink like tea. To enhance the effect, you can brew a tablet of licorice together with a leaf of currant, lingonberry, rose hips or oats.
Coral Kelp - works as a sorbent, removes accumulated toxic substances from the body with feces. If you do not take the sorbent, the poisons will be absorbed back into the body. In addition, Coral Kelp is a source of vitamins and minerals, stimulates the immune system. Take 2 tablets 3 times a day, 1 hour after Coral Licorice and 30-45 minutes before meals. Wash down with a glass of coral water.
Garlic Extract or Coral Lecithin, or Coral Artichoke - to facilitate the outflow of bile and cleanse the bile ducts. Take 1 capsule 3 times daily 30 minutes before meals.
Premium Spirulina or Ultimate. Take 1 capsule 3 times daily half an hour before meals.
Super-Flora - beneficial bacteria that are needed after cleansing. Take 1 capsule 3 times daily before meals, 30 minutes.
Coral-Mine - improves the transmission of nerve impulses. During the entire program, be sure to drink water. Take 1 sachet in a bottle with a capacity of 1.5-2 liters, drink 30 minutes before meals and 1.5-2 hours after meals. Such water nourishes the cells of the body, perfectly cleanses the lymph and strengthens the immune system.
Coral Licorice Root (100 capsules)
Coral Kelp (60 capsules)
Garlic Extract (90 capsules)
Coral Lecithin (120 capsules)
Coral Artichoke (90 capsules)
Premium Spirulina (200 Tabletten)
Ultimate (120 tablets)
Super-Flora (90 capsules)
Coral-Mine (30 sachets)


The products included in the program have a healing effect, act as prophylactic agents for cleansing and restoring the lymphatic system, and are also sources of additional cellular nutrition and energy. In addition, they prevent the development of Lymphoma, Filariasis, Lymphadenopathy, Lymphedema, Lymphangiosarcoma, Lymphangioma and much more.

Diseases of the lymphatic system occur in both adults and children. There are a huge number of types of pathologies that require different approaches to treatment. The most common problem is lymphedema (lymphedema). It develops when there is a violation of the outflow of lymph through the capillaries and lymphatic vessels.

The lymphatic system maintains the flow of fluids in the body and cleanses the tissues of waste and decomposition products. In lymphedema, the intercellular fluid, rich in protein, accumulates, and there is a constant progressive edema of the limb and its increase in volume, thickening of the subcutaneous tissue, hyperkeratosis (coarseness of the skin), cracks and ulcers. In the process of progression of lymphostasis,develops Elephantiasis (an increase in limbs in volume). This causes psychological and physical suffering for a person and leads to disability.

Lymphedema is a chronic disease that, unfortunately, cannot be completely cured, but without appropriate treatment it progresses. The sooner the treatment starts, the more effective it will be.


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Medicines, on the other hand, consist of synthetic substances and are necessary for the treatment of diseases. They may contain potent ingredients that are not found in foods. Medicines must be purchased exclusively from pharmacies and with a doctor's prescription.


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