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This is a comprehensive parasite protection kit. It contains plant extracts, probiotics, vitamins and minerals. Read more...
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The complex effect of plant extracts, probiotics, vitamins and minerals contributes to:

cleansing the intestines from various parasites;
removing from the body the waste products of parasites;
strengthening immunity;
an increase in the number of useful bacteria of their own to restore healthy intestinal microflora.

The sources of contamination surround us everywhere, and following hygiene rules is not always a sufficient condition for prevention. It is often the case that parasitic infestation is difficult to diagnose due to the lack of specific symptoms. While present in the body, parasites not only deprive the body of nutrients, but also poison it with their metabolic by-products, disrupt many metabolic processes (including absorption and assimilation of nutrients from food and intestinal function) and disrupt the internal environment of the body (e.g. gut microflora). Administration of the product set containing herbal extracts with anthelmintic action, as well as minerals and probiotics, will help you fully protect your body and maintain your health.

PARAFIGHT (90 capsules)

An antiparasitic synergistic combination of extracts of 12 plants, including black walnut, cloves, chamomile, gentian, yarrow, oregano, thyme, garlic, pepper. Their active components - juglone, tannins, organic acids, flavonoids, bitter glycosides, essential oils, allicin and piperine - interfere with the life of parasites at different stages of development and help to remove them from the body.

CORAL BURDOCK ROOT (90 capsules)

It contains active substances in high concentration, since it includes not only the crushed root, but also burdock extract. The active components of the product accelerate the body's self-cleaning processes and inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the digestive tract.

MSM (60 capsules)

It contains bioavailable organic sulfur, vitamin C and biotin, which help to remove toxic substances from the body, reduce allergic manifestations, and improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails.

SUPER-FLORA (90 capsules)

A balanced combination of probiotics (bifidobacteria and lactobacilli) and inulin prebiotic - increases the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, improves digestion and strengthens the immune system.

CORAL-MINE (30 sachets)

Mineral composition of relic corals to improve the quality and taste of water. A source of useful macro- and microelements (calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc.) that regulate the mineral and acid-base balance in the body.


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