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Digestive system test, treatment of digestion, treatment of digestive diseases, diagnosis and treatment of digestive organs,

Digestive system test

1. Belching after eating?
2. Does heartburn torment?
3. Do you feel sick periodically in the morning or after eating?
4. Do you suffer from flatulence, bloating?
5. Do you often have pain in the upper abdomen?
6. Do you have dry mouth?
7. Do you have constipation?
8. Do you feel bitterness in your mouth?
9. Did you feel fullness in the right hypochondrium?
10. Do you often have diarrhea?

The digestive system is unique in that it serves to digest the food you eat. The body uses nutrients from food for energy, growth, and cell repair.

The intestines are responsible for ridding the body of production waste. Proper digestion is the path to healing, the production of hormones and enzymes, as well as energy for physical activity.


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