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Digestion: Hepatoprotector / Coral Artichoke (Coral Club)

Coral Artichoke (90 capsules)

The product has a healing effect on the liver and biliary tract, improving the work of the digestive system and overall health. Read more...

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Coral Artichoke (90 capsules)
"Coral Artichoke" is the first friend of the liver! The best vegetable hepatoprotectors in the composition of the product - (artichoke, milk thistle) + dandelion, betaine have a healing effect on the liver and biliary ways, provide detoxification protection of the body, improving the functioning of the digestive organs and general well-being.


Artichoke is a valuable dietary product with a savory and nutty flavor. The undoubted advantage of this vegetable lies in the pronounced hepatoprotective effect. The active substances of the artichoke - caffeic acids, tsinarin, flavonoids - have cleansing and choleretic properties. They reduce cholinesterase, reduce fat and lipid output of the liver and have a healing effect. In addition, the artichoke accelerates the withdrawal of excess fluid and nitrogen-containing compounds. Providing the body with nutrients, protein, vitamins A, C, B1, B2, carotene, minerals, artichoke normalizes metabolic processes and digestion.

Milk thistle is successfully used for various hepatic disorders. Milk thistle extract is recommended by the Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences as a prophylactic agent for a region with a damaged ecology. This healing plant contains a rare biologically active substance silymarin, as well as about 200 more valuable components. The plant enhances the formation and secretion of bile, the secretory and motor functions of the gastrointestinal tract, increases the protective properties of the liver in infections and poisoning (including chlorine, radiation, medicines, alcohol, even the most dangerous of fungi - pale toadstool and a mushroom).

Dandelion is very popular among European residents. Bitter substances stimulate appetite and improve digestion, have choleretic, diuretic and laxative properties. Dandelion extract is one of the most valuable tonic and firming agents.

Betaine is a lipotropic substance of plant origin. It normalizes lipid metabolism in the liver, the level of cholesterol in the blood, is involved in metabolic processes, promotes energy production. This substance also has a bile-forming and choleretic action, improves the activity of the digestive system.


"Coral Artichoke" has a beneficial effect on the liver:
for various disorders: hepatitis, liver dystrophy, fatty hepatosis;
for chronic intoxication;
in case of violations of the process of digestion and metabolism.


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